Why Choose PCH

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PCH understands your business.  We think “outside the box” because not all businesses fit the Banking Industry lenders package.  We help you find solutions to your capital needs that are custom designed to suit your specific situation, goals and future plans.
Our broad spectrum of Investor Alliances helps you find the right lender under your current business circumstance with your future state of affairs in mind.
PCH brings new and alternative opportunity when you consider the economic climate today has left the small to medium size investor with few options to grow and expand their capital.
Investors can participate in directing their investment, which is much different than placing your capital in traditional banks where all the decisions are made for you without much, if any, input from you.
When an investor aligns himself with a business requiring capital, the rewards are of mutual benefit.
Our capital packages are custom designed for both the lender and business providing maximum opportunity to everyone involved.
Our Team has the knowledge and experience from a business and investor perspective because we have walked in both shoes.

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